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E-commerce shipping can become easily quite complicated when offering more than just the basic flat rate or free shipping methods. With ShipperHQ, merchants have the…
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E-commerce shipping can become easily quite complicated when offering more than just the basic flat rate or free shipping methods. With ShipperHQ, merchants have the ability to create and manage complex shipping options and rates from one location.

What is ShipperHQ?

ShipperHQ gives eCommerce merchants powerful control over the shipping options and rates that are shown to their customers. It offers support across multiple eCommerce platforms, with integration’s currently with Magento, Magento 2, Bigcommerce, Shopify WooCommerce and Zoey. There is also offer an API so you can integrate directly with ShipperHQ to whatever platform you are using yourself.

What’s does ShipperHQ offer?

  • Support for UPS, FedEx, USPS and other major carriers
  • Use base rates or log in to your carrier account to access negotiated rates
  • Easy integration – only install the extension!
  • Powerful platform that will grow with your business
  • Manage shipping rates from multiple stores, origins and carriers
  • Built by WebShopApps, the leader in eCommerce shipping rate calculation and customization
  • Support for shipping groups, customer groups and rule groups
  • Supports live rate and custom rate carriers
  • UPS Access Point certified
  • Support for freight carriers, backup carriers, drop shipping and dimensional shipping
  • Built-in shipping calendar
  • Address validation
  • Time in Transit support
  • Residential selector

What are the pros of ShipperHQ?

Real-time Carrier Integration

ShipperHQ currently supports over 30 carriers including Small Package and LTL, with a carrier-facing API allowing developers to integrate any carrier in the world into their solution. They’re also adding new carrier integrations on a regular basis.If you don’t see your carrier listed, you should contact ShipperHQ to find out when on the roadmap they plan on supporting it

Offline Shipping

ShipperHQ offers an advanced shipping rule engine, allowing you to set up rates based on criteria such as destination, weight, price, quantity, product type, origin, customer group, and much more.

Intelligent Rate manipulation

ShipperHQ’s Rule Engine allows you to manipulate any rates for your specific needs. For example, you can refuse shipment of oversized items to Hawaii. You can ship to the lower 48 states with UPS, and to PO Boxes with USPS. There’s a great deal of customization available.

Time in Transit Capabilities

ShipperHQ supports showing the estimated delivery date, selection of delivery date and estimated time of transit for FedEx, UPS and Offline Shipping.

Multi-Origin Support

You are able to select carriers for each origin, for example, if you have multiple warehouses or offer drop shipping, they support that.

Shipping Analytics

You will have trackable metrics for your shipping which makes serving your customers easier and helps avoid surprises. You will be able to see where your customers are shipping, the types of rates that are being returned, the average weight of the products in your customer’s carts, and more.

ShipperHQ Features

Address Validation

ShipperHQ’s address validation works with UPS or Fedex to validate US addresses.

In-Store Pickup

In-store pickup allows your online store to offer pick up locations at your brick and mortar stores. On the checkout, a map will be presented so the customer can choose the closest location. There is the ability to offer a time and date for pickup.

Dimensional Shipping

With dimensional shipping, you will get the most accurate rate for your shipment. Define your product dimensions directly in your eCommerce store. ShipperHQ does the rest. Specific boxes can be used for specific carriers. Additional packing weight or per-box surcharges can easily be added.

Multi-origin & Drop Ship

If you ship products from multiple locations or if you drop ship directly from vendors, it is important that your shipping rates take that into consideration. ShipperHQ can choose the closest origin to the customer shipping address, to provide a cheaper rate.

LTL Freight

Planning on shipping heavy, bulky, or just big products? Then you will need LTL freight shipping methods. ShipperHQ supports Cerasis, Echo, FedEx Freight, UPS Freight and many more.

Date & Time

An estimated delivery date can be displayed on the front end to your customers. This is available for UPS and Fedex. Customers can have the ability to pick a specific delivery date.

Needless to say, ShipperHQ is one of our favorite shipping solutions for Magento, and of course one of our favorite partners and team to work with. When using ShipperHQ you eliminate the need to use multiple extensions to customize your shipping to exactly what you need. With ShipperHQ, you use one extension and get pretty much everything you need in one place! When it comes to automating your Magento shipping rates, it can’t get much better than that.

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