Service Design

Complete service design from communication and research to custom design and post-launch care

Magento and BigCommerce Design

Theme Based Design

A commercial theme can be a great start for your eCommerce store's design, since it will typically be flexible and adaptive. A design based on a commercial theme doesn't have to be cookie-cutter. Shero can customize the theme's style to match your brand and meet any unique requirements.

Design from Scratch

If your eCommerce store has special requirements that don't fit with a pre-packaged theme, Shero has an expert team of designers and developers that can create a new theme custom-suited to your vision.

Our design process is divided into steps

With the purpose of creating customers, not just visitors

01. Project Discovery

We get started by familiarizing ourselves with the client's business, their competitors, their current website and pain-points.

A kick-off meeting with stakeholders helps us to understand the client's goals and business processes.

Tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics give us data-driven insights to customize UX for the client's needs while maintaining best practices for the chosen platform.

02. User Experience and Wireframes

User experience is the first priority of an online storefront, so we focus a lot of attention on it.

Functionality, informational structure, element positioning and navigation flow all come into play before any detailed design choices are made. The development of simple monochrome wireframes allows us to discuss UX ideas with the client and quickly modify the concepts.

03. User Interface Design

Once wireframes are approved by the client, their concepts are expanded into fully-detailed designs aligned with the client's brand and marketing goals.

The discovery process culminates in an interactive presentation that simulates a user's journey through the website.

  • Style Guide
  • Homepage desktop and mobile design
  • Desktop navigation
  • Mobile off canvas navigation
  • Category page desktop and mobile design
  • Category page with filters applied
  • Simple Product page desktop and mobile design
  • Product page for configurable and grouped products for desktop and mobile
  • Cart page design
  • Checkout pages design
  • Account pages design
  • CMS pages (Contact, About, Shipping..) design
  • Emails design

04. Pre-launch Quality Analysis

We make sure that all pages look good and consistent, even those that were not designed in the previous phase. This phase is important as we check multiple browser and system combinations so the best user experience is offered on every page.

05. Post-launch care

Our job isn't done when we launch the site. We do an extensive analyse of your newly developed site to track user interactions and conversions.