eCommerce PPC Management

Our eCommerce PPC Management solutions are relational and not transactional. We are Magento and eCommerce experts that focus on increasing the ROI of your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Every campaign that we work on is created from the ground up: built on our understanding of your business, and strengthened by our commitment to forming long-lasting relationships.

Generally, we approach each campaign with three principal goals:

  • To increase traffic to your website via organic and paid sources
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase the number of inquiries/sales received through your website

The above is achieved by implementing and optimizing a cost-effective Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign which delivers a consistent return on investment.

How Do I Get Started With Shero Managing My PPC Campaign?

We can help you with eCommerce PPC Management or come up with a paid search campaign for your eCommerce website. Before getting started, you must be able to answer the questions below.

  • Do you currently have any campaigns running?
  • What is your current or projected Google Adwords spend?
  • What are the KPIs? e.g. Are you looking purely for ROI or brand awareness
  • Which channels are you looking to use? E.g. Adwords, Remarketing, Social Marketing, PLA / Google Shopping
  • It would also be helpful to see the current Adwords account if there is one setup?

If you can answer these questions, then we’d have enough information to be able to give you a quote for setup and management of your PPC campaign.

Ongoing eCommerce PPC Management For Your Campaign

To begin with, we start out by evaluating each ad group’s performance over the previous 30 days – isolating any that are not offering sufficient ROI, and working out whether we need to pause them, take certain keywords out, or add new keywords in to tap into a slightly different subset of your target audience. Once any problem areas have been looked into, we will spend time looking for new opportunities that will allow us to expand the campaign with the budget freed up from any removed keywords, while maintaining the current average ROAS.

Aside from optimizing underperforming ad groups and tapping into new opportunities, we also work on continuously improving ad text via Adwords built-in A/B testing facilities and refining the best performing ads each month to ensure that we are getting the best possible CTR’s, and the highest possible Quality Scores.

We also aim to hit a consistent monthly Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) within the first three months by tweaking current ad groups to eliminate any underperforming keywords, seeking out new keywords that offer high ROI opportunities, and by improving quality scores across the board, which allows us to run more ads per dollar spent, and therefore increase your ROAS.

Improve your PPC ROI by contacting us today to see how we can help you manage your Google/Bing Shopping Feeds, and Magento & eCommerce PPC campaign.