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Simone Perele is a high-end women’s French lingerie company based out of New York City. They originated in Paris, France and now sell all over the states. Their main goal is ensure that women feel comfortable and beautiful in their lingerie. Simone Perele focuses on elegance, comfort, and a crucial attention. Embracing the French lifestyle.

Simone Perele’s team came to us looking for a Magento store. With a completely new and refreshed design that allows for their striking lingerie pieces to stand out, their goal was to have a streamlined shopping experience for their customers. The new design reflects the elegance of Simone Perele’s lingerie, by using light greys and purples as accent colors, and imagery which displays their products in a graceful way.


Starting with wireframes, we worked with the Simone Perele team to create and perfect the design. Elevating the brand and improving the user experience. We then developed a fully responsive store based on the final designs. Enabling it to fit on every screen and device. Based on the Ultimo theme, we completely rebuilt the product page and grid view for a unique look. The grid view displays three columns along with Amasty’s Quick View, which allows for an easier checkout, and a horizontal layered navigation where a customer can sort through size and color. On the product page, we built an accordion style menu for their product descriptions, details, and reviews. Simone Perele’s products come in many colors, therefore we used Amasty’s color swatches to make it easy for customers to choose which style they preferred. To help aid the customer, the product page also includes,inspiration from past customers. How they feel about the product,the ability to see “complete the look” or “you may also like” options, and a call to action to easily get help if needed on the product page. Once a customer adds a product to their cart, they can also choose to have the product gift wrapped and send a message for a small fee.

Not every woman knows what bra or panty is best for them. To help with this, Simone Perele wanted to integrate a ‘Fitting Room’ where new and old customers can choose their bra and panty size. They are then prompted to a quiz which selects the perfect bra or panty at the end. This is useful for customers who are unsure about which bra or panty is best for their body and personality. Customers can also sign up to host a party with Simone Perele where they can invite friends to view the Simone Perele lingerie and receive their own personal stylist. We also integrated a bra size guide with thorough instructions that allows customers to enter their band and cup measurements. This is so they know their true size before shopping Simone Perele’s Magento store.

Simone Perele’s customers can easily locate their products if they want an in-store experience. The store locator displays their New York City location along with many other major retail stores across the states.

On the backend to help improve website administration we have included a Bergen integration to their warehouse. This integration sends orders to the warehouse, the warehouse sends an updated tracking number when shipped. Once the site receives the tracking number the order is invoiced for the items shipped and they receive a tracking number. This is an automated process that happens every day so that the Simone Perele team does not have to worry about managing orders. This integration also includes a inventory syncing process. Inventory is pushed from the Bergen warehouse and imported to Magento on a daily schedule. This ensures that products that are listed on the website have inventory so that the customer service team does not have to manage orders that include items that are out of stock.


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