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Web shop with more than 10,000 products

Painful Pleasures is among the world’s most popular online sources for body modification supplies. Its customers include retail chains, shop owners, and a global community of individual body modification enthusiasts. Its massive catalog contains over 10,000 products with more than a million variations, many exclusive to Painful Pleasures. More than just a store, Painful Pleasures is a community hub for people interested tattoos and body piercing around the world.

Since its founding in 1999, Painful Pleasures has been growing aggressively, employing a deep knowledge of the body art community to offer unique products at standout prices. Its passion for staying on the bleeding edge of marketing strategy and customer engagement meant that Painful Pleasures needed to make the transition from the legacy Magento 1 Enterprise eCommerce platform to the future-forward Magento 2 Commerce. For a company of this size and complexity, such a migration is no small task, so Painful Pleasures turned to Shero to get the job done right.

We started with a complete audit of their existing site, which consisted not only of a highly customized multi-store Magento 1 Enterprise setup, but an integration with a variety of other platforms and services for their business, support and community features.

With Shero’s help, Painful Pleasures was able to streamline and update its technical structure from the ground up, increasing it speed and optimizing its business workflow. Once that was done, we got to work with a careful discovery and planning process to prepare Painful Pleasures for the future with Magento 2.

The Challenge

The Painful Pleasures facility in Hanover, Maryland is more than just a warehouse processing millions of Online orders. It’s a creative hub in which the culture of tattooing and body modification is being defined with the development of custom products, advanced new technology and streamlined supply chains to provide studio owners and consumers with the widest variety of top-quality supplies and resources available anywhere. As Painful Pleasure’s storefront and the core of its business model, needs to be capable of facilitating a wide variety of transactions at a very high volume. Every day, customers from around the world use dozens of currencies to make thousands of transactions on the website, from a retail consumer selecting the perfect customized nose ring to a wholesale studio owner purchasing advanced new equipment and bulk tattoo ink. Many of these purchases are custom in nature. Painful Pleasures needs the best of all worlds: Infinite flexibility and scalability in a robust, fast and secure content management system capable of supporting rapid growth.

The Solution

Taking advantage of the flexibility of Amazon Web Services hosting to create dynamic development environments, Shero migrated Painful Pleasure’s vast catalogue to Magento 2, working with the company’s marketing team to develop a highly customized design, which was then extended to other platforms—Drupal and Xenforo—for content management and community features.

Painful Pleasures has a multi-store setup, one for retail customers and another for wholesale, taking advantage of the advanced suite of B2B features in Magento 2 Enterprise. The stores and community areas, including a blog, user image gallery and forum were all linked together using a single sign-on, so that movement between commercial and social areas of the site is seamlessly integrated into each visitor’s Magento customer account.

The Magento store supports dozens of languages and currencies, with a robust integration of payment and shipping methods to match; a customer can pay by moneygram for shipment across the world, pick up the order in person and pay on-site, or anything in-between. To help manage the complexity of such a wide range of shipping needs, we integrated ShipperHQ.

Magento’s flexibility was a key component in providing the customization Painful Pleasures needs for its broad catalogue of products. For retail customers, we developed bespoke extensions to augment Magento’s existing configurable product features, allowing for fine-tuned customization, personalization and even collaborative design processes with the Painful Pleasures design studio. For commercial customers, we incorporated tiered pricing, plus custom extensions to facilitate quick bulk ordering.

The advanced marketing features of Magento 2 Enterprise were further augmented by integrations with third-party services like Klevu and Yotpo for AI-enhanced searches and customer driven content between the site’s eCommerce and community platforms.
By partnering with Shero, Painful Pleasures has positioned itself for continued rapid growth with a combination of cutting-edge technology and innovative strategy and is accomplishing the goal of each of its customers: To make a mark that can’t be missed!

Noteworthy Integrations

  • Yotpo – Reviews, Q&A, Deep integration with UCG Content and Instagram
  • Nosto – Personalization and Product Recommendations
  • ShipperHQ
  • Celigo – Netsuite Integration
  • Extra Fee
  • Improved Layered Navigation
  • Custom Stock Status
  • First Data: Payeezy
  • Maxmind Fraud Prevention minFraud
  • SEO Suite Ultimate
  • Google Shopping Feed
  • Single Sign On SAML
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