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Coffee Bean Direct
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Established in 2004, Coffee Bean Direct is a distributor that aims to reduce the cost of delivering top-quality coffees and teas. The company operates under three brands: Coffee Bean Direct, Green Coffees and Tattle Teas. From a single facility in Frenchtown, New Jersey, the company efficiently distributes small-batch roasted coffee, unroasted coffee beans and high-quality loose leaf teas to consumers, roasting hobbyists and commercial customers at surprisingly affordable prices.


The Challenge

Originally built on Magento 1, needed to make the transition to Magento 2 while retaining special customizations that are central to its business model. Some of these features included:


  • Subscription purchases, which allow customers to schedule automatic redelivery of their favorite products.
  • A shared catalog between branded storefronts. It needs to be clear to customers whether they are shopping on Coffee Bean Direct, Green Coffees or Tattle Teas. At the same time, the shopping cart should be shared across stores, along with other elements such as the wish list and search function.
  • Economy calculations on the product page, allowing the customer to estimate the price of each cup of tea, for example.
  • Integrations with order management services including ShipperHQ and Stone Edge


Coffee Bean Direct also wanted to take advantage of the replatforming to review and refine the user experience on the site.


The Solution

The new Coffee Bean Direct website was designed based on a comprehensive technical and visual audit in which the Shero team reviewed site performance, visitor analytics and industry design practices. During the design audit, we noted that Coffee Bean Direct has a high number of returning and subscription customers, which led us to recommend a conservative approach to the redesign. Starting with Magento 2’s base Luma theme, we developed a custom design that built strongly on the foundation of the original website while making numerous careful improvements to the presentation and functionality. The result is a new eCommerce experience that facilitates a seamless transition for existing customers while intuitively engaging new visitors.?


The new store is built on the cloud-based Magento Commerce platform, which combines cutting-edge eCommerce features and hosting with a flexible framework that allows our developers to create highly customized solutions. Magento’s Elasticsearch technology provides intelligent search suggestions and search term autocorrection that delivers prioritized results across all three of the branded storefronts.?


Shero provided an integration with Subscribe Pro, fine-tuning it with customizations to work with Coffee Bean Direct’s product setup and shipping requirements. This allows customers to save time and money by automatically scheduling reorders of selected products.

With the help of Shero and Magento Commerce, Coffee Bean direct is setting the bar for quality, convenience and customer service in the coffee & tea market. Contact us today to find out how Shero can help give your company a shot of eCommerce espresso!

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