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Founded in 1991, Annapolis Performance Sailing (APS) is the global leader in outfitting sailors. Their huge inventory of specialized equipment and apparel for sailing is complemented by a staff of experts with decades of in-depth knowledge and experience with the sport. APS is dedicated to being the single best one-stop source for sailing supplies and resources, and is passionate about helping veteran sailors and novices alike to have the best possible experience.

The Challenge

Built on Magento 1, APS asked Shero to help bring the website up to date. Having a strong base of loyal customers, it was important to APS that the replatforming not create any jarring visual differences between the old site and the new.

Another central consideration was speed. A high priority for APS was to shave loading times down to an absolute minimum, and to eliminate or replace any integrations that might play a role in bogging the site down.

Finally, customizations played a major role. From special content areas to unique product configurations, APS had significant customizations that would need to be redeveloped and improved for the new platform.

The Solution

Shero’s frontend team design a customized Magento theme to create a modern and responsive storefront that is evolved intuitively from the website’s previous layout. The result is a storefront that is fresh, mobile-friendly and blazingly fast, but feels familiar to existing customers.

Our backend developers performed an audit of the original integrations to determine which third-party extensions would be carried forward in the new version and which would be replaced. In order to ensure the best possible experience, we developed a number of custom extensions. These included an instant cart for quicker checkout, custom product grouping, custom stock status notifications and custom size charts.

With a catalog of over 24,000 products configured with specialized attributes, migration was also a big concern. APS’ inventory is managed using MOM, a third-party service that required a customized solution to integrate with the new platform.

The final result is a fast, responsive and feature-rich eCommerce experience, based on a cutting edge platform and poised for growth.

Notable Integrations

  • MOM integration using Xtento
  • Amasty Layered Navigation & SEO
  • ShipperHQ
  • Magemail


Shero Customizations

  • Custom Theme for Magento 2
  • Customized Importing of WordPress Content
  • Custom Stock Statuses
  • Custom Size Charts
  • Custom Product Groupings
  • Instant Cart Customizations
J.G. Edelen