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Alto Music
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Since taking over Alto Music in 1989, owner John Haber has expanded the music store to three locations in Orange County, Dutchess County and Brooklyn NY. The chain has won over a dozen awards from Music & Sound Retailer Magazine and was featured by American Express. His formula? A great selection, competitive prices and top-quality customer service provided by passionate associates with musical backgrounds.

For its eCommerce site, Alto’s goal is to combine the personality and customer service of its local music stores with the convenience of online shopping. Alto came to Shero to handle its migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and improve overall site performance without sacrificing the unique customizations that make the site compelling to a loyal customer base.

Alto Music

The Solution

The prospect of replatforming from Magento to Magento 2.3.1 was especially daunting because of the many modules and customizations that Alto uses to provide an excellent experience for its customers. Shero helped Alto navigate the transition smoothly with a combination of commercial extensions, customization and leveraging the built-in improvements of Magento 2.

A central feature of the site is Alto’s loyalty program, which rewards customers for purchases using “Altobucks,” gift codes that are automatically applied to customers accounts based on various criteria. Since no commercial extension provided the exact functionality needed for the program, Shero developed a custom module to Alto’s specifications. This powerful customization works directly with Magento’s built-in coupon code system to seamlessly integrate with the order process. Not only is the module flexible, it’s fast. To eliminate unnecessary processing time, the module automatically deletes used coupon codes from the system, adding a record of them to a log for reference.

On the frontend, Shero updated the online store with a bold, clean look. A customized mega menu replaces the previous multi-tier flyout navigation and allows customers to quickly locate the exact category they are looking for. The result is a cutting-edge Magento store that stylishly future-proofs Alto music for a new decade of success.

Alto: Before and After