Make the Most of the Magento Order Success Page

The order success page on Magento websites is one of those often forgotten pages that is rarely customized. Most merchants don’t realize that the success…
  • Caitlin Mekita
  • Customer Success Manager
  • March 11, 2015 Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The order success page on Magento websites is one of those often forgotten pages that is rarely customized. Most merchants don’t realize that the success page is a great opportunity to renew your customers trust and loyalty, while encouraging them to return for more purchases. The goal of most shoppers is to get through the cart and checkout process as quickly as possible. However, once that goal is reached, and the excitement of completing a purchase still lingers, shoppers may take the time to do things they didn’t want to do during checkout. They may take this opportunity to create an account, sign up for your newsletter, and begin putting together their next purchase.

I have created a fictional juice store to show you some of the opportunities that the success page gives you to market your brand and to keep your customers coming back.


blue-1-2-3 Post Purchase Review

Giving your customers a post purchase review can help keep them confident that there won’t be any surprises when their order arrives. While you’ll also send a detailed order review e-mail, it is nice to also provide immediate confirmation that the order was processed correctly with all of the proper information, products, and prices. Extra confirmation can ensure that your customers can completely trust the way you processed their sensitive information.

blue-1-2-3 Create an account

We usually discourage the force of account sign-ups during the cart and checkout process. While customers are trying to complete a purchase, we don’t recommend distracting them or lengthening the process with anything that’s not necessary. Once checkout is complete however, you have a great opportunity to offer a simple account creation with the entry of only a password. Since you already have the customer’s info as provided during checkout, this is the perfect time to encourage account creation.

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blue-1-2-3 Newsletter sign up

While creating an account, you can offer your customers the exclusive opportunity to receive deals, offers, and news from your store by subscribing to your newsletter or mailing list.

blue-1-2-3 Cross-sells

Cross-sells on the success page are the perfect way to set your customers up for their next purchase. A great idea is to show them products that might specifically match or compliment the products they had just purchased.

blue-1-2-3 Customer Service

It’s really important for your customers to know you are there to help them, even after the checkout process ends. Adding complete customer service info on your success page can put the customer at ease, knowing that if there order confirmation is incorrect or if they have any questions or problems, you are accessible and eager to ensure their happiness.

blue-1-2-3 Social Media Sharing

If your customers are excited about completing a purchase, they might want to show their friends. Your order confirmation page can include social media sharing buttons that tell the customers friends something like, “Look what I just bought!”. Social media sharing is an excellent way to spread brand awareness and create buzz around your product.

blue-1-2-3 Deals and Offers

To encourage customers to keep coming back, offer a post-purchase discount code to be used toward the next purchase.

blue-1-2-3 Resources

If your store offers videos or documentation about a product, it might help your customers by including those resources on the success page, so they can learn about your products and get started using their new purchase right away.

In Conclusion

Your order success page is an often-missed opportunity to help keep your customers happy and loyal. Because your customers are no longer rushing through the checkout process, they may take the time to sign up for an account and newsletter and learn more about the products they purchased along with other products they may purchase in the future.

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