Magento Support Packages

Take advantage of our Magento Support services that help you address Magento website fixes, 24/7 Magento technical support, Magento website maintenance, Magento security patches, & Magento version upgrades.

Which Magento Support Package is right for you?

Magento Support Packages
  • Enterprise
    96 Hours
    Per Month
  • Plus
    64 Hours
    Per Month
  • Standard
    32 Hours
    Per Month
  • Starter
    16 Hours
    Per Month

Enterprise Package

Plus Package

Standard Package

Starter Package

  • QA & Development Environments

    Setup git workflow & management

  • Basic Website Updates

    Access to our team of Magento experts for text changes, bug fixes, 3rd party, extension installations, graphical changes and consultancy

  • Dedicated Project & Account Management

    A dedicated point of contact available to discuss your account and plan new development

  • Advanced Training

    Hands-on training from a Magento certified expert

  • Phone Support

    Phone support from our experienced support team

  • Basic Uptime Monitoring

    Uptime monitoring complete with automatic support for when your site becomes unavailable

  • Automatic Magento Upgrades

    Automatic upgrades as they are released ensuring your site is always running the latest version

  • Magento Security Patches

    Automatic security patching ensuring you are always protected against the latest vulnerabilities

  • Advanced Website Changes

    Advanced customisations to your Magento website inc. 3rd party integrations and custom module development

  • Advanced Support

    Emergency support, 360° support for your eCommerce business including market trend analysis and A/B testing

  • Proactive Website Monitoring

    Advanced proactive monitoring of key functional aspects of your site including add to cart/customer checkout simulation and server load monitoring

  • Magento SEO Audit / PPC

    Monthly SEO site audits to ensure your site is ranking well and any issues are rectified, monthly PPC management

  • Magento Code and Performance Audits

    Annual Magento Code and performance audits completed by a Magento certified developer – ensure your site remains upgrade friendly and adheres to best practices

Access to our great team.

Our Clients trust and consider us an extension of their team with on-demand skills and expertise. When signing a service contract, you’ll have access to our experienced Magento certified team for Magento support for store management, strategy, and planning, giving you everything you need to achieve your business goals.

Get the support you need, when you need it.

At Shero we know that eCommerce is time sensitive, our support packages provide reassurance that issues will be dealt with as priorities to minimise the impact on your customers.

Health checks

Like having regular checkups at the doctor’s office to ensure you stay healthy, by having a maintenance contract your website is continually reviewed and kept up to date with the latest security patches as well as ensuring that your site is performing to industry standards. Technical issues can arise with any website. We will thoroughly examine your website for any bugs or errors, saving you from the fearful cost and worry of an “emergency room” situation.

Magento websites are cutting-edge and powerful, but they are also complex. Preventing and addressing issues with the Magento server, code, and content is crucial for smooth, consistent, functioning. On-going Website Maintenance is the ideal way to head off issues and minimize lost sales due to any Magento/server problems. Since 2010, Shero has been building and maintaining Magento websites of all sizes. We have seen good websites go bad due to neglect. We help prevent little problems from growing into big problems.

Your website exists to serve your business goals. Over time, you will discover opportunities and refine your goals. Your website needs to adapt to these changes. With our Enterprise maintenance package you get the opportunity to harness the power of Agile by planning, designing and building your new feature out within a sprint structure. We focus on the right conversations before we write a single line of code to gain a deep understanding of the business goal you are trying to achieve. This allows us to build the best solution rather than retro-fitting something to match your requirements. The result, rapid development that achieves your business goals by allowing you to spend your hours on the site features that bring the most value to your business.

Once your maintenance starts, our packages are considered prepaid blocks of hours that are treated as work for hire. We will not touch, adjust, or modify your website in any way, unless you specify how your website should be altered or reviewed. However, should you require any maintenance, want an update, or experience an error that needs correcting: you will be guaranteed that your work will become our top priority. Continually, we will review your site and bring any potential bugs to your attention prior to an issue arising, keeping your customers (and you) happy. Once you are in a contract, you can upgrade if additional hours are needed. All contracts require a minimum of six months commitment. You can choose whether to prepay the entire contract in advance, or you pay month to month. We also offer additional discounts for those interested in committing for a full year.

Yes, if you have an existing site on Magento we can help you to migrate over to us in a reliable and stable way. We start by reviewing your site in detail and gain a deep understanding of how your eCommerce business works before actively supporting and collaborating with you on the development of new features. We will give you a list of recommendations to improve your site’s server setup, merchandising, settings and more. We then work with you to implement these recommendations as well as ensure priority issues affecting site stability are addressed.

At Shero, we believe in offering the best, and most personal, service possible. Based in Poughkeepsie, New York, we start with understanding what is important to your business and how to develop the best solution possible. Our team harnesses Agile development practices to provide complete features quicker and more flexible.

Our highly-qualified team of Magento 2 trained and certified developers is ready to handle every aspect of Magento design, development, and maintenance. Our team has produced, and maintained Magento websites of all different sizes at a very competitive rate, with exceptional customer reviews.

We pride ourselves on familiarizing ourselves with your project through a robust discovery process to gain a deep understanding of your company and site before beginning collaboration. This allows us to scope the best possible solutions for your business.

Fast response time when you need it

We offer a rapid response to site issues based on the severity of the issue raised. We understand the critical nature of eCommerce and our focus is to fix issues accordingly.

SeverityDescriptionEstimated fix time
Priority 1Site unavailable / unable to checkoutWithin 1-2 hours
Priority 2An issue that is affecting 10% of customers or more1-2 days
Priority 3Any superficial or aesthetic issue that is not affecting transactions2-5 days

Not only do we react fast when an issue is raised, we proactively monitor your site for signs of issues. With our Enterprise maintenance package we monitor items such as error rates and server capacity to ensure that issues are caught as early as possible, often even before your customers are heavily impacted.

Contact us today to receive a free one-hour consultation call with one of our Magento Support specialists.