Magento SEO Audit

Our expert Magento SEO team provides Magento SEO Audits, competitor benchmarking, and keyword research data. A comprehensive Magento SEO audit of your website will allow you to pinpoint weaknesses to your Magento SEO strategy, competitive analysis, and provide concrete recommendations on how to make your website more SEO friendly.Our SEO audits are suitable for Magento merchants of all sizes. The audits provide insight into core technical and structural issues and highlight opportunities to improve all aspects of SEO.

More Information

Our team has worked with merchants of all sizes to help them resolve complex SEO issues and regain lost search engine rankings, organic traffic, and sales. These Magento SEO audits are comprehensive and outline actions for your development team, marketing team, and SEO team. They include a clear roadmap to recovery or SEO improvements with a prioritized list of action steps, based on impact and complexity.

What Areas Does the Magento SEO Audit Covers

Although all the audits vary based on your SEO needs, they usually are focused on:


  • Meta content
  • Site content
  • Site architecture
  • Sitemaps
  • URLs
  • Robots.txt
  • Other on-page optimization factors
  • Rich snippets markup
  • 404 error handling

Visibility and Organic Traffic Analysis

  • Search Volume
  • Position/ranking of your website
  • Categorize ranking keywords into navigational and informational
  • Check historic performance
  • Mobile SEO
  • Landing page and segment analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Site search analysis

Link Profile

  • Types of links
  • Link distribution
  • Anchor text
  • Link distribution and links across all domains
  • Link building tactics
  • Creative content examples

Technical SEO

  • On-site duplicate content
  • Off-site duplicate content
  • Use of JavaScript
  • Crawl issues
  • Performance
  • International

Request a Magento SEO Audit For Your Website Today!

To complete a Magento SEO Audit for your website, our team needs read/analyze access to your Google Analytics account, Google Search Console with Full User access, and Magento back-end access to the system config, URL rewrites, product catalog, etc.

The research phase of the audit begins after access has been granted and we’ve had an initial discovery session around the issues you’re currently facing. During the discovery session, we decide the focus and deliverables of the Magento SEO audit.

The timeframe for the completion of a Magento SEO Audit is 2-3 weeks. After the audit is delivered, our team follows up with a one hour phone conversation to discuss the findings or answer any questions you have around the areas covered and steps to implement the findings of the audit. The final version of the audit, includes a prioritized list of all the issues, in the order of impact and complexity, we think they need to be addressed. The list we generally provide is as follows:

  • Magento System Configuration Review
  • Magento Technical Issues Review (URL rewrites issues, Magento parameters issues, Magento layered navigation, etc)
  • Magento website problems with duplicate content issues (configurable/simple products, aggregation of content across site, dynamic page generation, etc)
  • Magento Website crawl ability and accessibility (use of directives, methods for blocking access to pages, canonical implementation, internal linking etc)
  • Magento Category Structure and information architecture review (and how it can be optimized to improve SEO and UX)
  • Off-site duplicate content issues (feed-related duplicate content, content scraping etc) on

Note* The SEO audits will include some aftercare such as email questions and a call for 1-2 hours. From our experience, this tends to happen with 90% of the audits. Sometimes, customers need 2-3 days of aftercare, questions, general help, briefing developers, writing specs, investigating things further etc. etc. This type of service obviously can’t be included in the cost of the audit and would be charged at then in effect agreed upon rate.

Increase your sales and improve your online visibility by requesting a Magento SEO Audit today!