Magento History Throughout the Years

2007 – 2020
Started Development Under Varien Founded by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner
August 31st: First Public Beta Version Released
March 31th: The First stable release of 1.0 Magento Community Edition
June 24th: Magento CE released
December 29th: Magento CE 1.2 released
January 7th: 1st European tour: Netherlands, France, Germany
March 1st: Magento becomes more popular than osCommerce and eCommerce itself
March 30th: Magento CE 1.3 released
April 15th: Magento Enterprise Launched
October 20th: Magento EE 1.6 released
January 19th: Magento EE 1.7 released
January 26th: 1.5 million downloads
February 12th: Magento CE 1.4 released
April 14th: Magento EE 1.8 released
May 1st: Magento Professional edition released
May 28th: Magento Mobile Launched
July 19th: Magento EE 1.9 released
February 7th: Magento U and Magento Go announced
February 8th: Magento CE 1.5 and EE 1.10 released
February 11th: eBay announced an investor
June 6th: eBay owns 100% of Magento
August 8th: Magento CE 1.6, PE 1.11, and EE 1.11 released
September 28th: Magento Developer Certification announced
October 12th: Free Magento U Courses
November 30th: Magento 2.0 development starts
February 1st: 4 Million Downloads
February 4th: Co-founder Yoav Kutner leaves Magento
April 24th: Magento CE 1.7 and EE 1.12 released
May 1st: Magento Professional edition canceled
September 24th: Over 150,000 sites using Magento
April 8th: Selects RackSpace as its platinum level hosting partner
October 11th: Magento EE 1.13 released
November 21st: Magento and eBay Enterprise join together
December 11th: Magento CE 1.8 released
January 10th: New retail enterprise solution while maintaining a low total cost
January 21st: Magento now supports PHP 5.4
February 25th: German-language site developed
May 13th: Magento EE1.14 and CE 1.9 released
July 15th: Magento 2 Merchant Beta is released
August 19th: Partnership with New Relic
November 3rd: Magento Commerce launches as independent company backed by the Permira Funds
November 17th: Magento 2 is released
January 20th: Magento EE and CE offers official support to PHP7
February 10th: The Magento forum reach 100 000 members
March 31st: Magento Luma theme is released
April 11th: Magento Marketplace is launched
April 12th: Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is launched
June 11st: 31% of mid-to-large companies rely on Magento
June 23rd: Magento CE2.1 and EE2.1 are released
September 26th: Magento announces a partnership with Adobe
In 2016: Magento platform sold $101 billion in merchandise to nearly 51 million shoppers
January 4th: The Magento forum reach 200,000 members
May 1st: Magento has been named a leader by Gartner for Digital Commerce
June 28th: Magento Community Edition becomes Magento Open Source
Magento Enterprise Edition: Magento Commerce
Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition: Magento Commerce
Magento Commerce Order Management: Magento Order Management
August 31st: 10th birthday of Magento
August 31st: Magento Commerce named as a leader in B2B by Forrester
September 26th: Magento Open Source 2.2 is released
In 2017: Magento Commerce (Cloud) represented 40% of new Magento bookings
June 4th: Magento Commerce 2.2 is released
June 6th: Magento Commerce is named the leading commerce solution in Internet Retailer’s annual Top 1000
June 19th: Magento Commerce is now an Adobe company
September 6th: Magento announced providing support for Magento 1 until June 2020.
October 5th: Magento Association Task Force is announced
October 9th: Magento announced a new Premier Partnership with Yotpo
October 9th: Magento Payments is announced
November 28th: Magento Commerce 2.3 is released
January 15th: Magento Announces Availability of PWA Studio
February 5th: Magento Association Announces Board Directors
March 26th: Introducing Adobe Commerce Cloud
May 13th: Introducing Amazon Sales channel in Magento
October 23rd: Magento Innovations Lab Teams Up With Amazon Web Services (AWS)
April 14th: Introducing AI-Powered Product Recommendations for Magento Commerce
June 30th: Support for Magento 1 Software Ends
July 28th: Released Magento 2.4