Magento Discovery & Design

Magento 2 Project Planning and Discovery

Before getting started with re-platforming to Magento 2, a proper and well thought Magento 2 project planning and discovery needs to take place.  At Shero, we believe that a thorough and well-documented discovery process is critical for a project’s success. A successful project discovery means that both teams feel confident about the goals of the project, the project’s stakeholders, the scope of work involved, and the success criteria.

Our philosophy is that smaller projects tend to be more successful and therefore we avoid adding anything to the project scope that is not necessary or critical to launching. The major goals of our project discovery process are:

  • Define the project’s stakeholders and determine the key members of each team who will be involved with day-to-day decision making
  • Understand the demographics, needs, challenges, and habits of the customers who will be using the new website by defining customer personas
  • Document user stories and success criteria. What actions need to be taken on the website, and what defines the success of those actions? What actions need to be taken by the website’s administrators?
  • A thorough review and training on the Magento platform itself, ensuring that the merchant fully understands its capabilities and its limitations
  • A clearly defined Magento 2 project scope and timeline that documents all of the design and development that is required to fulfill the success criteria
  • Delegated responsibilities for each team, including any third parties involved in the project.
  • Finalize all decisions regarding the required technologies for the project, such as hosting, security, and major integrations.

At the end of the Magento 2 project discovery process, we proceed with the development with each team fully aware of the goals of the project and confident that their business requirements have been thoroughly considered and documented.

If you would like to discuss a Project Planning and Discovery with us, please fill the contact us form and we will get in contact to discuss your project’s details.