Magento Code Audit

For the past few years, we have been performing Magento Code Audits before engaging with merchants who seek consultation, new project work, or ongoing support for their eCommerce websites. As we have standardized the Magento Code Audit process, the feedback from merchants about the value the audits add to their long-term plans has been extremely positive. As such, we decided to offer this service even for non-existing customers who are looking for impartial, professional advice that you will not get from your developer. Our developers who work on the audits are Magento certified, Magento 2 trained, and have experience working on all sizes of Magento stores and complex setups like ERP and POS integrations, custom built modules, Magento application optimization for peak performance, and Magento coding standards.

Who is the Magento Code Audit suitable for?

The Shero Magento Code Audit is a solution suitable for merchants who have already developed a Magento website and want to ensure code quality pre or post-launch, and for merchants that continuously experience poor application performance. Some of the questions that merchants have before engaging us for the Magento Code Audit service are:

  • How healthy is my Magento store?
  • Am I running on the latest version of Magento?
  • Are all the extensions on my website needed and are they all upgraded?
  • Is my website missing any of the security patches issued by Magento?
  • Has my website been developed with best Magento coding standards in mind?
  • How much can I scale with the current website as my eCommerce business is growing?
  • How secure is my hosting environment?
  • Why is the backend/admin area on my Magento website so slow?
  • Why have my sales declined?

The answers to these questions are provided in detail in our Magento Code Audit, along with actionable suggestions and a roadmap to implement them, so you can ensure your Magento website is scalable, stable, and secure.

What do you get from the Magento Code Audit?

The final report of the Magento Code Audit includes a thorough analysis of your website with a prioritized list of action items. The report analyzes the quality of the frontend and backend code as per Magento’s coding standards, core Magento application architecture flaws, find core code modifications (if any), cross-browser compatibility, user registration and checkout, look for opportunities for CSS/Javascript/XML optimization, extension usage/compatibility, review deployment process, and server configuration.

Based on the findings, the audit clearly documents the flows and recommendations on how your dev team can implement the fixes without the need for further consulting work through us.

Request a Magento Code Audit for your store now!

Since no website or business is the same, our audits are performed on a case by case basis without the use of automated tools. To complete a Magento Code Audit for your website, our team needs access to your hosting environment, preferably SSH access, a login for your Magento admin, and Git (Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket) access.

After the audit is delivered, our team follows up with a phone conversation to discuss the findings or answer any questions you have around the areas covered and steps to implement fixes. The final version of the audit includes a prioritized list of all the issues.

If you would like to hire our experienced team of Magento developers to implement these fixes, we can do this work for an additional cost.

Increase your sales and Magento website performance by requesting a Magento Code Audit today!