How To Write an Interesting About Us Page

So you probably thought your home page and product pages are the most important part of your ecommerce store. I’m sure you didn’t think of…
  • Jill Govier
  • Graphic Designer
  • February 28, 2014 Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

So you probably thought your home page and product pages are the most important part of your ecommerce store. I’m sure you didn’t think of how your ‘About Us’ page could boost sales and credibility for your company. Trust plays a huge role in the ecommerce world.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to write an interesting ?About Us page with some examples :

Form a Connection With your Story

Your story is the first impression of your company. Customers want to know about the company they are buying from and why it’s worth buying from you. This is where you want to show off your company’s personality but still come off as professional. Writing a meaningful story about how your company started establishes a form of connection with potential customers. The context of your story should express a certain emotion and it’s necessary to make it truthful and authentic.

Here are a few questions you will want to include in your “About Us” page:

1. Who is your company?

2. What is your company doing?

3. How did your company start?


Keep It Short and Sweet

To maintain the attention of your potential customer or visitor, keep your story simple and concise. You may want to be keep writing a really long story, but consumers don’t want to read a whole novel when browsing an ecommerce store. All they need to know are the main key points about your company and what makes you stand out from the rest.


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Use Images or Video

By using images such as your workspace or a group photograph of your staff or even a video that represents your brand, customers can get a sense of what your daily life is like at your company. Making sure the images and videos are relevant and high quality can boost sales while keeping your customers interested and wanting to come back.



The Faces of the Company

Team portraits are another excellent way to appear approachable and friendly. Customers like to see the faces behind the company their buying from and it gives them a better connection with your story. Most of all, it lets your customers know you’re a real person.



Don’t Forget Social Media

Social networking sites like Facebook and Pinterest for example are other ways your customers can connect with your company and get additional updates. It’s important to have the buttons towards the bottom of your ‘About Us’ page so once the customer learns about you, they can connect with your brand even further.





In general, be human and show personality in your ‘About Us’ page. Once potential customers start to trust and like your company, they will want to buy from you and recommend your ecommerce store to a friend or family member.

Hopefully these tips can help you improve your ‘About Us’ page and your ecommerce store overall.

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