BigCommerce SEO Audit

BigCommerce comes with a great set of SEO tools, but that doesn’t guarantee optimal results. Search Engine Optimization requires a combination of design, content and strategy that can’t be automated. If your BigCommerce site isn’t as visible as you’d like, or if you’re thinking of switching to BigCommerce to improve your site’s rankings, an SEO audit from Shero can bring clarity to the complexity of SEO.

By performing a careful and thoroughly documented review of every aspect of your website, Shero is able to provide a comprehensive analysis and strategy for SEO:

  • Meta Content, tags and accessibility
  • Site content structure and relevance
  • Site architecture and compatibility
  • Friendly URLs and redirects
  • Error handling
  • BigCommerce and Google Analytics
  • Speed and Performance
  • Design and UX
  • …and much more.

Don’t leave the performance of your BigCommerce store to chance and guesswork. Contact us to learn how Shero can help your storefront stand out from the crowd.