BigCommerce Discovery & Design

One advantage of BigCommerce is the collection of carefully vetted, responsive themes available for purchase in its theme store. A theme of this kind can often be a good starting place for an eCommerce store, but it rarely meets all the store’s unique requirements out of the box. Fortunately, BigCommerce is highly customizable, whether we are making small modifications to a purchased theme or building a new theme from scratch.

At the beginning of each project, Shero engages with each client in a careful discovery process, exploring questions like:

  • What are the eCommerce pain points that you would most like to solve?
  • What are the tools, methods and systems that are crucial to the operation of your business?
  • What are your short and long-term eCommerce goals?
  • What is your business’ brand, and how can it be best reflected on your storefront?
  • Is BigCommerce the best solution to your present needs?

With a thoroughly documented understanding of your goals, our designers and developers collaborate to create a realistic vision of the end product. This includes mockups of your site’s eventual design, from branding an existing BigCommerce theme to building an entirely custom one.

Contact us to learn how Shero can combine the reliability of the BigCommerce platform with the creative capabilities of an experienced eCommerce power team.